Why Are Your Walls Naked?
March 10, 2016

Ack!  Nothing’s more boring than naked walls…I mean really, live a little! Are you tired of the same ‘ol picture or mirror everyone hangs on a wall? Whether it’s wallpaper (which I talk about this in another blog), a special finish on the walls, or something else…you’ve got to amp it up!  Now don’t get crazy with it…if you do every room then it’s overkill…both in look and $$$.


Take the above photo, for example, from Beth Rosenfield Design.  This was an executive office of the Blue Buffalo Company.  She used reclaimed wood planks and added their logo on top, which gave it that “Industrial Chic” feel.


Now here is something truly FAB…  Above is the “Mondo” wall divider by Solberg Industries.  It can be used to not only add interest to an existing wall, but also create one that was never there to begin with.  If you want to get really fancy, put it on stand-offs, float it away from the wall and back-light it…Sha-zam! (Dining Room by Sagatov Design + Build)


This beauty is from my website!  I started with a wallpaper inspiration then blew it up several times and used colors that work for the room. (Just for grins…below is the paper pattern I started with.) This otherwise boring wall was spruced up in two days with a very talented artist, a projector and some paint.  Anything But Plain did an amazing job!


So whether it’s paint or wood or floating panels, add some spice to your space…life’s too short to be boring.  🙂


Ciao for now!