May 25, 2016

caffThe one reason I started doing my blog is so people can get to know the real me…not just bullet points on a “Services” tab and a slew of pretty pictures on my website. I’m so much more than the expected “professional” face that’s on so many other sites…which, let’s be honest, is BORING. So for today, I thought I’d give some insight into my favorite things and the rooms that remind me of them.


My most FAVORITE thing in the world has to be coffee and if you don’t like coffee…you’re just plain weird. I had the best cup IN THE UNIVERSE at an airport in Seattle this past year with my sister and I can’t seem to find the same fix…Caffe Vita, why hast thou forsaken me? *sigh* So I make due with what we have and start dreaming about interior design that is as equally as yummy as my long lost coffee friend.

The photo above is by a group named Innarch and they created Don Café House in Pristina, Kosovo. The idea is that you are inside a coffee bean bag…I totally get it! The waved walls remind me of my latte from yester-year and of course there are bean designs – on the table and the hanging fixtures. LOVE the coffee bags in the back ground that wrap the pillars!



Next on the “addiction” list has GOT to be ice cream! But not just ice cream…ice cream CAKE!! Vanilla Mint Chip Ice Cream Cake recipe above is by BruCrew Life and even has a fudge cookie layer! But for the less “sinful” ice cream option…the delicious green, blue and white room above is featured on CR Laine. Scrumptious green leather and painted panel paired with blue and white rug and art give a nod to the treat above. I must say, I’m not normally a blue/white check fabric fan but it if I think of it like sprinkles, I’m down with it. The ottoman even looks a little like the fudge cookie layer….can you tell I didn’t eat lunch today?



So I bet most designers you know don’t outwardly profess their love of Star Wars…but I can’t help myself. I saw Jedi in the theater as a kid (Episode IV and V on video), then saw Episode I at the midnight showing and immediately regretted it the next day…like most of the world. Yet, I continued to be a loyal fan all the way through to the recently released Episode VII…which I saw with my son and husband the night before it officially was released. The above room by Andy Chang has dramatic lighting and fantastic architecture! Although the bed is a literal Star Wars interpretation, the rest is a little more unassuming. My favorite parts are the upper wall panel detail with up-lights. Lighting can do magic if done right and can spell disaster when it’s not.




Lastly, if you take one thing away from this post about me…I love to have fun and love quirky design things. The mustache above was just something I happened upon in a showroom and decided to add some silver to the base and have the mustache painted orange with some dark details. It’s posed in an old locker bin against an olive wall. They just made me laugh and my sweet client loved it too…so on we went. The gold hands are fun but they also have a special meaning. My client’s child uses sign language to communicate so when I found these…I knew I hit the “gold mine”…pun intended…


So here’s to Caffe Vita coffee, BruCrew cake, Star Wars, and Colorific Lovliness!


Ciao for now!!