May 25, 2016
The one reason I started doing my blog is so people can get to know the real me…not just bullet points on a “Services” tab and a slew of pretty pictures on my website. I’m so much more than the expected “professional” face that’s on so many other sites…which, let’s be honest, is BORING. So […]
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Why Are Your Walls Naked?
March 10, 2016
Ack!  Nothing’s more boring than naked walls…I mean really, live a little! Are you tired of the same ‘ol picture or mirror everyone hangs on a wall? Whether it’s wallpaper (which I talk about this in another blog), a special finish on the walls, or something else…you’ve got to amp it up!  Now don’t get […]
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I See Right Through You!
February 4, 2016
YUM! This “Arktura Hive Bench” by All Modern is so delicious!  Use this blue steel beauty behind a floating sofa instead of the same boring sofa table…which I abhor.  The center panel of the bench is a mesh metal that is strong enough for seating so when you have company, just pull it around to […]
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A Powder Room You Never Want to Leave!!
January 11, 2016
BEFORE                                                       AFTER              It’s here! It’s Here! I finally got the photos for my Showhouse Powder Room!  What started out as “Oh So […]
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Can’t Miss this Most Misunderstood Design Product
January 6, 2016
“Wallpaper is back in?” If one more person asks me that…I think I’m going to scream.  Come on people…it has never been OUT!  The word “wallpaper” typically conjures up images of Waverly cabbage roses – but don’t let that be your litmus test for all wallpaper.             Take the above […]
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The Must Have Hardware for Under $18
January 2, 2016
Tired of the Same Ol’ satin nickel knobs that everyone and their dog owns?  Well I have found some, and used some, amazing hardware that is easy on your wallet.   Try the “Druzy Quartz” Knob by Anthropologie (pictured above).  This is like jewelry for any bathroom or bar cabinet.  It’s quite a “pow” so […]
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